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About Tim

Thank you for taking the time to explore my background and philosophy on training! I have been coaching, personal training and leading group exercise classes for over twenty-five years. In the mid 1980's I was helping young men and women that I recruited into the Marine Corps prepare for bootcamp. That was my first experience helping people reach their fitness goals and it was very rewarding. I quickly learned the power of "group exercise" effect on motivation!

The experience continued during my professional life as a police officer. I helped other officers lose weight, train in defensive tactics, and work on better nutritional habits. Staying fit was an important part of staying alive in that profession. Many unique issues of that profession made fitness a priority and in some cases ... even a life saver.

As a professional leader I use twenty-five years of experience to help people reach their fitness and health goals. My wife, Stephanie, (pictured next to me below on a mud run) is also an instructor.

What is "Live To Train"

The concept of “fitness” is unique for everyone. Our philosophy is that exercise time and results should have more of a functional outcome than simply having bigger biceps in the mirror! WHY are you exercising? Why are you spending your time in gym?

Our philosophy of training is centered on Self- Defense applications. The exercise patterns in our programs are designed to get you very physically fit. However….the end goal of that high level of fitness is to provide you the ability to defend yourself in times of crisis.

All programing is geared around target heart rate training, compound movement patterns, and strength building with weight bearing exercises. The compound movement patterns of the exercise sessions are designed to build strength for striking, kicking and throwing an opponent to ground. Fitness is a product of self-defense training! Self- defense skill sets are the product of properly instructed fitness exercises!

The programs use your body weight, ropes and small kettle bells. It is simple in function yet powerful in results! Not only will you get “fit”…you will be strong to defend yourself if needed!

Welcome to “Live To Train”!

Josh Stamer (Tennessee Titans #57)

"During my years of playing professional football the strength of my core has been the key to my success. Tim has been crucial in the development of my core and abdominal muscle systems. I tackle with more strength and turn with more speed on the field. When I am in Raleigh, NC I look forward to training with Tim!!"

Thank you Tim

- Josh Stamer 

Jessica Jacobs, Miss NC

"As Miss North Carolina 2007.... Tim's training expertise helped me to place 4th in Miss America. Tim taught me the proper ways to train, eat and live the fitness lifestyle!! Thank you so much Tim."

- Jessica Jacobs