Coaching Sessions

We believe that Professional Fitness Coaching needs to have the following format to be successful:

  1. Specific Goals - Short term and Long term
  2. Documented Training Plan to achieve those goals
  3. Standardized Methods of training are used and clearly defined
  4. Nutritional and Medical Guidance that is BALANCED and customized for each client
  5. A Support Structure in place to meet needs of the client

There must be specific methods used when coaching or to conduct personal training sessions in order to achieve desired goals. Each client in my group is instructed how to train in the proper heart rate zones, use compound movements and how to exercise their body in a complete manner! Every session is documented and designed to burn 350 - 500 calories working the entire body. (A 3,500 total calorie expenditure during the week is our goal between exercise and safe calorie reduction amounts.)

**NO body movements are performed by a single why train that way? I will train you to exercise in a COMPOUND manner!

Compound = Complete

I will conduct a full body composition evaluation and fitness assessment for every member of our client base. There are specific blood tests, metabolic tests and evaluations that provide a complete picture of your health. Our medical doctors will check hormone and cholesterol levels as well as all essential mineral and vitamin counts. What's in YOUR blood is what you need to know. We can then be 100% effective as your training partner! ALL FIVE components of success are offered when coaching is received under our guidance. All the client has to do is show up, have the desire to achieve their goals and the power of group motivation will take over!!