Law Enforcement Seminar

These are ADVANCED LEVEL programs and tailored towards each officer or department as requested. Programs teach unarmed self defense, weapon retention, edged weapon defense, handcuffing, PR-24, capstun, and other law enforcement specialties. These are very DYNAMIC classes offered ONLY to L.E.O.'s or corporate security personnel with credentials.

The tactics being instructed are designed to eliminate the threat immediately or under the "4 second average" response time to a threat.

The use of your natural body movement patterns in a condition of extreme stress is how the tactics are instructed and why they are so powerful. The skill sets are very aggressive and designed for use only in a survival, arrest or combat environment. This is not a program for competition or earning points to win a trophy. Understanding how the tactics are documented and verbalized (in event of later litigation) is also instructed using the "Escalation of Force Matrix" as a guideline.