Group Training

Core Fitness

Give yourself a core workout like no other. This one hour abdominal class will train your entire abdominal wall, oblique, and lower lumbar region. If you want that six pack, come take this class.


Cross Training

This is designed for those who are ready for results! On average participants burn 800 - 1000 calories per class. Bodyweight exercises and dumbbells are the main source of resistance using compound movements. Please check for class dates and times on the "Schedule" page.


Spin Adventure Class

Fat-Burn at its maximum. Our Spin Class is loaded with great 70's, 80's and 90's Rock-n-Roll music that provides the foundation for a motivated hour of cycling. The heart rate is immediately elevated to around 80%-90% of your MHR for the first 20 minutes then slowly lowered to a steady 60-70% for the remainder of the hour to maximize fat burn. The "adventure" part is adding plyometric exercises and running during the spinning class!