The Philosophy to describe my outlook on professional training? Motivation ... Discipline ... Vision

The Words to describe WHY it is my passion and goal to train others? ... Corinthians 6:19 & 6:20

Together, with our guidance and your understanding we can change your life! This commitment SAVED Tim's OWN life ... he suffered a stroke in 2008. It was caused by a previously unknown congenital hole in his heart. The strength of his heart MUSCLE ... as a separate system ... from all the years of living a fitness LIFESTYLE kept him alive. The heart kept beating when it should not have due to the extreme increase in pressure and rate! Living his life with Corinthians 6:19 & 6:20 as his guide has kept him alive!! He was training again only two weeks after the stroke!! (balancing on a cane to walk and stand) He then met Stephanie his wife four months later ... the picture on the previous page of them on the mud run was only six months post stroke.. AND.. and heart surgery! Our body is indeed a temple of the holy spirit to be cared for and kept strong!